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  A few months back when I shared a Youtube video on my facebook wall, facebook just shrunk the thumbnail and made it small, insignificant and ugly....

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I was a loyal Meru customer before switching to Ola. Read my Ola Cabs Review here with Rs.300 Free Credit Coupon Code. When Uber came...

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Here is a Smart way to turn your Smartphone or tablet in to a Seismograph to detect earthquake. Enjoy!!

Internet Sharing on Windows PC

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A very simple step by step guide to share your Wired or Data card Internet (Reliance Netconnect, TataPhoton etc.) with your phone and other devices.

Google Chrome Taskbar Problem

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Chrome hides taskbar and its a pain. None of the solutions on the internet works so here is the fix for the problem.

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If your Joomla site is down with the above error, here is the fix.